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On Campus

Visit the the library located on the upper level of Martin Hall for assistance in finding information or using the library's resources.


Call (540) 674-3627 to speak with a reference librarian or to schedule an appointment.


Email your question to LibraryHelp@nr.edu.
You may expect a response within 24 hours, except on weekends or holidays.
Use the LRC Live 24/7 online reference service to chat with a reference librarian online.


A library patron must provide photo identification (a student I.D. or driver's license) in order to check out library material. If a student cannot produce photo ID, an NRCC student I.D. number (EMPL ID) may be provided. A maximum of eight items may be checked out at one time.

Renewing an Item

Library materials may be renewed once, unless the item has been requested by another patron. Please call or come by the Library Circulation counter to renew an item.

Requesting an Item

You may request the Library to “reserve” an item for you if it is checked out. You will be notified when the material is available and that item will be held for 3 days.

Overdue Material

When an item becomes past due, two notices will be sent to the borrower. If the material is not returned, it will become necessary for your status to be changed with the college. This means that you will be blocked from checking out additional library materials, registering for classes, or receiving transcripts until the item is returned or replaced (this includes DE media).

Reserve Material

Reserve material such as course textbooks and supplemental material may be borrowed for a two-hour period for use in the library only. Please do not mark in books, tear out pages, or deface materials in any way. Abuse of reserve materials or attempting to remove a reserve material from the library will result in the loss of borrowing privileges of reserve materials for the duration of the semester.

Resources That Can Be Checked Out

Books 2 weeks
Textbooks on Reserve 2 hours
Laptops 2 hours
Graphing Calculators 2 hours
Cassette Recorders 2 hours
Cassette Tapes 1 week
CDs & DVDs 1 week
Videotapes 1 week
Projectors *faculty and staff checkout only
Projection screens *faculty and staff checkout only
Video cameras *faculty and staff checkout only

Non-Circulating Items

  • Atlases
  • Globes
  • Law Collection
  • Newspapers
  • Periodicals (paper or microfilm)
  • Reference Books
  • Unabridged Dictionaries


Four study rooms are available for students who need a private room in which to work individually or as a group. Each are outfitted with wireless Internet capabilities and computers.

Individual study rooms are open and can be used any time. Group study rooms may be reserved at the Circulation Desk. Laptops are also available for students to check out and use in the study rooms.

For more information or to reserve the rooms for your small group, contact Gary Bryant, circulation manager at (540) 674-3627 or jrimmer@nr.edu .


Educational media may be viewed in the media viewing room which is equipped with televisions, VCR and DVD players. Students are encouraged to bring personal headphones to ensure viewing privacy.


The library serves the educational and informational needs of the students, faculty and staff of New River Community College, as well as the citizens, businesses and industries of the New River Valley. Students and researchers have access to a library collection of 33,000 books and periodicals, 35,000 electronic books, videotapes, DVDs and other media. Library users may also search an extensive collection of research databases which provide access to millions of full-text articles from the latest journals, magazines, newspapers and reports through VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia.


Library patrons may use the Interlibrary Loan service to request books or magazine or journal articles that are not owned by the NRCC Library. Requests for items should include bibliographic information (minimum of title and author for book requests; and minimum of journal title, date, volume and number plus the author, title and page numbers of the article for journal requests).

Requests can be made in person at the Library Circulation Desk, by phone (540) 674-3627 or by email LibraryHelp@nr.edu. Borrowers should provide name and a phone number or email address so that they can be notified when the item arrives. Please allow 10 to 14 days to acquire materials through InterLibrary Loan.

Faculty & Staff Loans

Some equipment such as projectors, projection screens, and video cameras is limited to faculty and staff checkout.

Textbook Reserve

The NRCC Library loans course textbooks for a 2-hour, in-library use only loan period. Students may check out textbooks from the Circulation Desk by presenting a photo identification (a student I.D., driver's license) or EMPL ID number.

Please do not mark in books, tear out pages, or deface materials in any way. Abuse of reserve materials or attempting to remove a reserve material from the library will result in the loss of borrowing privileges of reserve materials for the duration of the semester. Abuse of this policy will not be tolerated.

For students making copies of textbook pages, please be advised of the Copyright Laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) which governs the making of photocopies of copyrighted material. Anyone making copies of copyrighted material is liable for any infringement.

Graphing Calculators

The NRCC Library loans graphing calculators for a 2-hour, on-campus only loan period. Students may check out calculators from the Circulation Desk by presenting a photo identification (a student I.D. or driver's license) or EMPL ID number.

If a student fails to return a calculator, his/her student and library records will be blocked, meaning the student cannot access grades,receive transcripts or diploma, add/drop a class or check out additional library materials until the records are cleared. The student’s academic and library records will be cleared once the overdue calculator is returned. If the student loses or damages the calculator, his/her records will be cleared once the library is reimbursed for the calculator or once it is replaced. If a student is blocked twice during a semester for not returning a graphing calculator, he/she will not be blocked from borrowing graphing calculators for the remainder of the semester. If the offense is committed a third time, the student loses the privilege of borrowing graphing calculators indefinitely.



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