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Why doesn’t the library have a search like Google for their directory?

QuickSearch is a Google-like search engine that allows users to search across multiple resources at once including the library catalog and article databases. From the library website, you’ll see QuickSearch in the middle of the page.

Where am I searching when I search Ebsco?

Ebsco is a collection of databases that contain full-text articles from journals, magazines, newspapers and more. When you search one of the Ebsco databases, or the entire database collection, you are searching the selected database of articles provided by the commercial publisher, Ebsco.

How can I find peer-reviewed journals and articles?

The library’s databases contain full-text peer-reviewed journal articles. Most databases will also allow you to limit a search to peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles. EbscoHost is an excellent database collection that includes thousands of peer-reviewed journals and articles.

What if I come to the library and can’t find a book or article on the topic I want?

Librarians are available to help you search the vast array of resources so that you can find the information that you need. We can help you refine your topic, identify search terms, and locate the best resources for your topic. If the library doesn’t have specific resources on your topic, we can acquire them through the Interlibrary Loan service.

If the article doesn’t come in full-text how do I contact the library to order the article that I need?

If the database that you’re searching doesn’t have the full-text, it may be available in a different database. To find out, use the eJournals search on the library homepage by typing the title of the journal, not the article. You’ll find out which databases, if any, contain that journal. Then, you can click the link to the database and search for your article by title or date. If you are still unable to locate the article, please contact the Library Circulation Desk, by phone (540) 674-3627 or by email LibraryHelp@nr.edu, to place an Interlibrary Loan request.

What are the best databases to use for research?

The EbscoHost database collection, which contains 35 different databases, provides eBooks and full-text articles from journals, magazines and newspapers from general and specialized resources. If you only need a general database to search, Academic Search Complete is the best database to use.

Is there a way to save a search or reference we have found for later use?

It depends upon which database you’re using. EbscoHost, one of the largest database collections provides students free accounts through which searches and articles may be saved. Please note that the account must be created prior to saving a search or articles. This account is completely separate from your NRCC account used to access databases from off-campus, but you may use the same login credentials, if desired. You may also save articles on a jump (flash) drive.

Is it possible to have a link on my Blackboard profile that connects directly to the library webpage?

Yes, the Library Services module displays in the list of modules once you open Blackboard. You may access the library website by clicking the NRCC Library logo or the respective link.

How can the research guide be used to easily find information relevant to your course?

The research guides provide a great starting point for your research in various subject areas by providing a list of recommended databases, eBooks, and other relevant resources. Instead of trying to figure out which database is best for your topic, simply access the tab for Articles and select a database from the list. You’ll also find contact information for a librarian and a chat window that you can use to chat with a librarian if you have additional question about your research or library resources.

How do you get eBooks and are they free?

You may find eBooks by using the library catalog. You may search by keyword, title, author, or subject. Yes, they are free and some may be downloaded to an electronic device.

How can I find my textbooks in the library?

The library catalog now includes a list of textbooks that are shelved in the Reserves collection. To find textbooks, go to the library catalog and search by textbook title or course number (i.e. ACC211, ENG112). You may then request the textbook from the Circulation Desk.

When looking for books to check out on the website, how do I look for them in the library? Is there a numerical system that I need to know before I can find them?

To find books in the library, you can use the library catalog which provides the relevant information about a book as well as the location information to help you find the book in the library. College and university libraries use the Library of Congress Classification system which is an alphanumeric system of classifying books according to topic. You don’t really need to know the system in order to find books though. The library catalog will list the call number of a book and you simply look for the book on the shelf with that call number. Books are arranged alphabetically and numerically by call number so they’re pretty easy to find. If you need help, library staff members are glad to assist you.



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