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For Instructors

New Instructors

  • Meet with the appropriate high school administrator(s) to discuss course offerings and your eligibility and opportunity to teach.
  • Send unofficial college transcripts to the academic dean(s) at NRCC for review of qualifications.

If deemed qualified to teach a dual enrollment course, submit to NRCC’s Human Resources Office:

  1. A state application for employment
  2. Official transcripts
  3. A copy of your social security card
  4. A signed new technology user account form (available from NRCC staff)
  5. A copy of your driver's license.

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NRCC Class Roster Verification

  • Frequently check NRCC class rosters throughout the semester beginning on the first day of class.
  • If an NRCC roster does not match a high school roster, report the discrepancy to your school counselor as soon as possible so timely corrections can be made.
  • Immediately contact the school guidance office to verify addition, drop, and withdrawal of any student to your class.

Steps for Accessing NRCC Class Roster

  1. Go to My Accounts.
  2. Log in using your username and password (if you need help with your username and/or password, please contact the Help Desk at 540-674-3600, extension 4400).
  3. Click on VCCS SIS.
  4. Click on the "Schedule & Rosters" tile.
  5. Select term (should be current semester).
  6. Under “My Teaching Schedule,” click on the “Class Roster Icon” at the end of the row for each class you teach. If you do not see a “Class Roster Icon” contact Tammy Smith in Admissions and Records at 540-674-3603.
  7. If for any reason the roster is not correct, please communicate with your school counselor as soon as possible so the roster can be updated.
  8. To print, right click and select “Print”.

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Course Plans and Syllabi

  • Dual enrollment instructors must follow the NRCC course plan for the class(es) they teach, with special attention to the prescribed student learning outcomes.
  • Course plans will be provided electronically to instructors at the beginning of each semester.
  • Instructors must distribute a copy of the course plan to each student and review its content and expectations with students, preferably on the first day of class.
  • Submit to NRCC by the designated date (usually the end of the first week of classes) a course syllabus for each course taught; the syllabus should include all instructor contact information and specific assignments and assessments included in the course to meet the NRCC course plan expectations.

Course Evaluations Process

  • NRCC requires all instructors of all courses to administer course evaluations.
  • Instructions and evaluation surveys will be provided by NRCC.
  • Dual enrollment instructors should allow students time in class to complete course evaluations to meet NRCC deadlines.
  • Evaluations must be completed by students in all courses, even when two courses are taught as a semester class by the same instructor.

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Submission of Final Grades

  • Dual enrollment instructors are responsible for submitting final course letter grades to NRCC as soon as a class ends, whether that is after first or third nine weeks, at the end of a semester, or end of the school year.
  • Keep in mind that “F” grades require a last date of attendance for the student.
  • Please note that withdrawn students will remain on the class roster with a recorded “W” or “F” grade, depending upon the date of the withdrawal.
  • Do not use “I” grades for students who have stopped attending/dropped your class. If a student is on your grade roster and should not be, report this roster discrepancy to your school counselor. Note that “I” grades should be used on a limited basis and for students facing special circumstances.

Dual Enrollment Steps to Enter Grades

  1. From the NRCC Home Page click on My Accounts. Log in using your username and password. (If you need help with your username and/or password, please contact the Help Desk at 540-674-3600, extension 4400).
  2. Click on SIS: Student Information System
  3. Click on Classic Home then click on Self Service, Faculty Center, My Schedule
  4. Select term. Fall 2022 will be 2224. Spring 2023 will be 2232.
  5. Click on the grade roster icon roster icon beside each class. Enter grades and click Save when all grades have been entered. W and F grades already on the roster cannot be changed. W grades cannot be entered by faculty.

    **Important Step**
    If you enter a grade of F or U (or if an F or U grade is already on your roster) you must also enter a last date of attendance/participation before you can SAVE your grades.

  6. At the top of the page, change the drop-down Approval Status to Ready for Review and Save.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: After all grades are entered and accurate, use the drop-down Approval Status again and change to Approve and Save.
  8. If you need to change a grade, select the Not Reviewed status, change grade, and Save. You must then repeat step 7. Grade changes after the deadline must be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office.
  9. If you have more than one class, go to the top of screen and select Change Class to go back to your class listing.
  10. Continue until all grades have been entered.
  11. To print: right click, Print
  12. The Admissions and Records Office will run a process that will post ALL grades for students.

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For School Counselors

Submission of Classes

Dual Enrollment Course Information Form
  • Submit to NRCC a completed class information sheet for each dual enrollment course to be taught the upcoming semester. The completed class information sheets should be sent to deinfo@nr.edu
    • For year-long and fall semester courses, submit list no later than July 1.
    • For spring semester courses, submit no later than December 1.
  • Include the following information for each course:
    • Beginning date
    • Ending date
    • Days and times the class meets
    • Instructor name
    • Class duration (whether the class is year-long, nine-weeks, semester, etc.)
  • Submit classes by email to Donna Moore, (NRCC Dual Enrollment Assistant)
    Email: deinfo@nr.edu
    Phone: (540) 674-3600, extension 4281

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Submission of Rosters

  • Submit to NRCC a list of all students to be dual enrolled and the identified courses to be taught the upcoming semester (changes in the rosters during the early part of the semester are expected and need to be communicated to NRCC as they take place). These changes in enrollments should be sent to deinfo@nr.edu
    • For year-long and fall semester courses, submit list no later than July 1
    • For spring semester courses, submit no later than December 1
  • NRCC cannot enroll students in a dual enrollment class until the following steps are met:
    • The student has completed an application to NRCC
    • The student meets eligibility requirements (Eligibility Chart)
    • The parents have legibly signed and the high school has submitted a parent signature form to NRCC's Admissions office.
  • Rosters need to include full names and birthdates to verify students in NRCC’s systems
  • Submit classes in-person or by email to:
    Donna Moore, (NRCC Dual Enrollment Assistant)
    Email: deinfo@nr.edu
    Phone: (540) 674-3600, extension 4281

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Communication of Roster Changes

  • As enrollment in dual enrollment classes change, these changes need to be immediately communicated by the school counselor to NRCC’s Dual Enrollment Assistants:
    Donna Moore and Amber Slusser-Brillhart (NRCC Dual Enrollment Assistants)
    Email: deinfo@nr.edu
    Phone: (540) 674-3600, extension 4281
  • When changes are communicated, please indicate the following:
    • The student’s full name and birthdate
    • The course
    • Whether the student needs to be added or removed from the roster
    • If the change is a removal, the student’s last date of attendance in the class
Class Change Request Form

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For Principals

Confirmation of Contact

  • At the beginning of each school year, please confirm with NRCC the primary contact for dual enrollment for your high school and/or your school division.
  • NRCC requests that this person be the one to facilitate communication and other activities related to dual enrollment.

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