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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I do not meet the eligibility requirements? Can I still take a dual enrollment class?
    No; the VCCS requires all students to meet eligibility requirements. Please see eligibility chart or speak with the counselor at your school.
  • How do I request NRCC transcripts?
    View Transcript Requests
  • How do I obtain my EMPLID?
    Please contact your high school counselor.
  • How do I obtain login information to access CANVAS and NRCC’s Online Library?
    Contact Donna Moore at (540) 674-3600, extension 4281 or dhmoore@nr.edu.
  • What is a drop/withdrawal and how does it affect my NRCC transcript?
    "Drop" removes student from course with no record of enrollment on transcript.
    "Withdrawal" removes student from class with a “W” grade. “W” grades are not calculated in the student's GPA but will be reflected on the NRCC transcript.
  • How do dual enrollment credits transfer?
    All dual enrollment credits apply toward to NRCC degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Please consult with the four-year college or university of your choice to determine transferability of dual courses as they transfer differently. You may also want to refer to the Transfer Virginia Portal at https://www.transfervirginia.org/
  • How much does a dual enrollment course cost a student to take?
    There is no cost to the student for enrollment in dual enrollment courses at the high schools in our service region.
  • Do I have access to NRCC’s library resources as a dual enrolled student?
    Dual enrolled students are NRCC students and have unrestricted access to NRCC library’s full catalog of books, as well as a wide range of digital resources.
  • I am a homeschooled student. Can I enroll in dual enrollment classes?
    Independent high school/homeschool dual enrollment is available through direct enrollment with the college. In addition to meeting the general dual enrollment student admissions requirements, high school students must provide documentation of permission from the high school principal or designee. Homeschool students must provide a copy of a homeschool agreement approved by the school district or a letter from the local school board or a copy of the letter filed by the parent/legal guardian declaring homeschool for religious exemption. Courses taken as independent dual enrollment shall be transcribed on the student’s college transcript. Students interested in independent dual enrollment may contact the Office of Admissions and Records at (540) 674-3603 or admissions@nr.edu for assistance.



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