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   Pay Invoice

ACCE Repayment Policies

  • If you fail/withdraw from a class you will be invoiced at the end of that semester for the amount paid by your ACCE funding. (If you received Pell or Commonwealth Grants that will be accounted for when determining the amount you owe.)
  • All invoices will be emailed to your student NRCC email account.
  • Payments can be made with cash, check (made out to: NRCC Educational Foundation), or card.
  • All ACCE repayments must be made to the NRCC Educational Foundation, not to the college business office.
  • Students may set up a payment plan with the Educational Foundation for repayments. All repayments to the program must be paid in full within 6 months to avoid your NRCC account being frozen. To set up a payment plan contact us at 540-674-3618 or stop by our office located at Godbey 07.
  • If your NRCC gpa drops below a 2.5 at the end of a semester, you will not be eligible for ACCE funding the following semester. You may take classes at your own expense and bring your gpa back up to a 2.5 then be re-admitted to the ACCE program for the following semester. Example: Your gpa is a 2.0 at the end of the Fall Semester, therefore, you will not be eligible for ACCE funding in the Spring Semester. But, if you take classes on your own dollar during the Spring Semester and bring your gpa back up to a 2.5 you will then be eligible for ACCE the following Fall Semester. **If you are not eligible for ACCE due to a low gpa PLEASE make an appointment with the Advising Office, 540-674-3609, to determine the best course plan to bring your gpa back up.**
  • If you are not eligible for ACCE during the Spring Semester of your first year of ACCE and you plan bring your gpa up and return in the Fall, you must still complete your community service project during the summer to remain eligible your second year of ACCE funding.



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