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What’s Great About ACCE
ACCE Testimonials

Giles County

“I really enjoyed being a part of the ACCE program, and I strongly recommend it to any student who is able to participate!”

“Through a lot of the work I did, mostly through ACCE, I noticed a lot of need in our community for education, so that’s the best place to stay,” she said. “When I started, I was like, ‘yeah right, that’s really going to work,’ but working with Giles County employees made me realize that the county is not just the boring old county I’ve lived in all my life. There’s more to it. There’s more opportunity, more work to be done.”

“I was just grateful that it was even an opportunity given to me.”

--Seanna Perkins, NRCC Class of 2022 Cardinal News article

“When we send kids to community college we’re hopeful they’ll come back and stay in our community. We feel like it is a major contributor to community health. I’ve been in government work for 40 years and I’m going to say it’s one of the only programs that doesn’t receive any complaints.”

--Charlie Mullins, Giles County ACCE Coordinator Cardinal News article

Floyd County

"We’ve actually been having a lot of fun while being able to give back to the high school that did so much for us while we were students.”

Gracenne Clinger, NRCC student, on ACCE community service SWVAToday.com article

Montgomery County

“I’m a huge fan of the program. It’s a great opportunity for students to enroll in higher education and pursue rewarding careers that they wouldn’t do otherwise. For the amount of tuition they’re getting I think 80 hours is a low requirement.”

--Michael Geary, Montgomery County ACCE Coordinator Cardinal News article

Pulaski County

“It is becoming increasingly challenging to find volunteers that want to volunteer and commit their time,” said Josh Tolbert, Pulaski County ACCE Volunteer Service Coordinator. “Over the last two years, ACCE students have made a big impact on our volunteer first response agencies. They help with daily fire department duties such as cleaning trucks, and some even complete their 80-hour requirement and choose to join as a volunteer member. ACCE has been a win-win.”

--Josh Tolbert, Pulaski County ACCE Coordinator

Radford City

“The ACCE program was a great opportunity for me as a student! When I was in high school, I had the option of attending New River Community College when I graduated from Radford High School. Once I heard about the ACCE program, it felt like the perfect option for me as an incoming Freshman. The ACCE program helped me find opportunities to embrace my community that I might not have found if I wasn't in ACCE. The volunteer programs they have available helped me not only feel connected to my community in Radford but grow my leadership skills that I will need throughout the course of my life.”

--Abigail Ridpath, NRCC Class of 2022



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